What is spyware and adware?

Spyware are computer programs that are installed - often without the user’s consent - onto a PC or laptop for the purpose of intercepting or taking over control of the user’s PC. The software secretly monitors the user’s behavior collecting more and more information including personal information each time you surf the internet. Spyware programs can collect all kinds of internet surfing behaviour such as what websites have been visited, how often these websites are visited etc… but more worrying, they can install additional software which not only collects even more information but also slows down your PC considerably, usually by changing internal settings of your PC’s operating system. In the worse case, your PC is left open for more harmful virus attacks and sabotage and eventual destruction of your PC.
Adware is advertising-supported software and is any software application which can display or download advertisements to your PC after software has installed on it or while the application is in use. Often shareware is also adware that is primarily advertisement based. An example of this type of software is where adverts appear whilst the software is in use and the user is prompted to register to remove the adverts.
Over 90% of all PCs connected to the Internet are infected by spyware within 12 minutes. Everyone should consider anti-spyware software to protect themselves against attack.
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